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Announcements: June 6th, 2021

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Church Anniversary Sunday Service:

Join our LIVE All-Church Service on Sunday, 6.6.21. The service will be live via YouTube at 9:30 am with a link on our website @ Updates. Let's prepare our hearts.

Next week on 6.12.21, Dr. Stephen Tzeng will be speaking in place of Pastor Ben.


Sunday School:

No Sunday School this week on 6.6.21!

All classes will resume on 6.13.21 @ 11:30 am. It will be the last Sunday School for this school year. Junior High students will be with Pastor Ben Poli. Freshmen and Sophomore will be with Auntie Anni and Auntie Virg. Junior and Senior will be with Dr. Glenn. All Zoom links will be on our website @ Updates.


Friday Night Fellowship:

This Friday, 6.4.21, we will have FNF @ 8:00 pm. Jr High Boys will be with Uncle Scott. Jr High Girls will be with Auntie Melanie. Freshmen and Sophomore will be with Pastor Ben. Junior and Senior will be with Jason. All Zoom links for the FNF (Friday Night Fellowship) will be on our website @ Updates.

Our last FNF will be next week on 6.11.21 for this school year.


Graduation Night:

Four graduating Seniors along with FNF leaders and Sunday School teachers will be acknowledged and appreciated on Saturday, 6.12.21 @ 5:30 pm at the Youth Center and at Chapel 3's patio. RSVP with Pastor Ben is required. Decorations and dinner will be served by our Junior class.


Father's Day Luncheon:

To celebrate Father's Day this year, the Youth Ministry is hosting a special Dad's Fellowship and Luncheon for all dads at our church on Saturday, 6.19.21 @ 10:00 am at the Youth Center and Chapel 3's patio. RSVP with Pastor Ben by Friday, 6.4.21.


Share your Story:

Share your story with us! It can be about anything that ranges from how you met God to a miracle that happened in your life. Some examples are on our stories page @ Stories | Our Community. You can even share your story about how you got through the anxiety that the COVID-19 Pandemic hit you with. If you are willing to share please fill out the form @ Share Your Story | Our Community.



There are devotions that Pastor Ben has provided on our website @ Updates since we can’t pick up the new SENA. Pastor Ben will also be coming around to your house to drop off brand NEW SENA's.


If you have any questions please press the message button on the bottom right corner, email to, or go to Contact Us.

Thanks! And Stay Safe!

-FECSGV Youth Multimedia Team

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